God is GREAT it is true… the Story

The name of my blog was inspired during a radically intense time of trial in my life. My pastor was aware of the enormity and intensity of my situation and would reach out to me in the way of counsel, prayer, and words of truth and encouragement. Through my eyes, the mountains I faced were seemingly overwhelming. In spite of my circumstances, I was continually reminded in conversation that God is GREAT. Through the power of prayer I would hear, God is GREAT. Even within the emails were those same three powerful words, God is GREAT. And with each trial the Lord faithfully took me through, I experienced the truth that God was indeed GREAT.

This blog was born during those years of extreme challenges. I first began writing as a way to release all the jumbled up feelings and frustrations tumbling around in my head. With tears, the confusion and pain would flow out from my heart. As I wrote, the Holy Spirit ministered to my very soul. In time, my pain would turn to joy as the Lord’s love trumped my circumstances and brought about healing and restoration in my life.

Today, this blog is a place for me to continue to share the inspirations the Lord lays upon my heart. May the Lord lead and guide you to the sections of this blog that will minister and encourage you in His truth. And, remember, whatever difficulty you may be facing in life, nothing is too big for God to handle. God, the Creator of the Universe is indeed GREAT.