The Dance

The Dance

circumstancesWe are dancing and it is a perfect dance, as He is captivated by me and loves me more than any other person possibly could. It is intimate and my soul rejoices! My focus is on Him, and my feet follow His lead. I know I am safe in His arms, as I am at peace and trust Him completely as He gently holds me and twirls me, even tossing me effortlessly into the air, catching me in His strong arms. We step in rhythm together as we glide smoothly across the dance floor. Then… someone cuts in.

It is Fear. He is powerful and he grips me tightly. I panic and am paralyzed by him. And in that very instant, Fear has ahold of me. Suddenly, I am being thrown around and around. I am dizzy and my world is spinning as I am being pulled harshly around the dance floor.pain I am thrown high into the air only to be dropped. He laughs at me and leaves me lying painfully on the hard cold floor. He slinks away. Then his partner steps in. Continue Reading…

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